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Global Choice Education Consultant offers professional counseling and documentation support to the students who plan to study in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan Poland and New Zealand. The enterprise also helps students find right universities, university colleges and schools for the aspirants' desired courses, and ensures successful admission - a primary concern to Global Choice Education Consultant. In addition to operating as an international educational consultancy, Global Choice Education Consultant conducts specialized Test-Preparation classes, Language programmes.

It has always experimented with such specialist programmes and offered its students opportunities to actualize their goals in a material sense. These new-yet-ingeniously-crafted course packets not only direct students onto a right course of their academic life but also help them live life usefully. I remain assured that Global Choice Education Consultant sustains a true spirit of professionalism in its venture, and that it has its clients' and/ or students' trust. If it were not for this trust, Global Choice Education Consultant would never attain its distinct stature it has today in a very short spell of time. I still believe that Global Choice Education Consultant's firm foundation will draw its strength further from its clients' and/ or students' confidence in it. Global Choice Education Consultant offers itself at the service of all concerned, and commits itself to a high standard of professional integrity in order that its students may obtain their goals of good education.
I should also like to laud and extend my gratitude to our qualified, experienced teaching faculty for the unprecedented success it has witnessed recently. Besides, it is notable that all who relate to Global Choice Education Consultant in one way or another from our dedicated staff to diligent students to concerned guardians - add significantly to its worth. Once again, I look forward to welcoming our prospective enrolls at Global Choice Education Consultant. I am assured both our students and their guardians will acknowledge us as their partners in their intellectual and/ or social undertakings.


Thirlal Bhatta

Managing Director